Organic Produce

Organic food production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Riviera produce is certified organic for your discerning customers.
Parsley - curly
Parsley - italian
Parsnips cello
Peaches doughnut
Peaches white
Pears - anjou
Pears - anjou red
Pears - asian
Pears - bartlett green
Pears - bartlett red
Pears - bosc
Pears - bosc golden
Pears - concord
Pears - packham
Pears - seckel
Peas - english
Peas - snap
Peas - snow
Peppers - anaheim
Peppers - green
Peppers - jalapeno
Peppers - orange
Peppers - poblano
Peppers - red
Peppers - yellow
Persimmon hichiya
Pineapple golden
Plums - black
Plums - dried
Plums - pluots
Plums - red
Potatoes - fingerling russian
Potatoes - fingerling yam garnet
Potatoes - fingerling yam hannah sweet
Potatoes - fingerling yam jewel
Potatoes - golden
Potatoes - idaho purple
Potatoes - idaho russets
Potatoes - red a
Potatoes - red b
Potatoes - red creamer
Potatoes - white creamer
Potatoes - yam garnet
Potatoes - yam hannah sweet
We carry high quality organic fruits and organic vegetables

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