Our Produce

We deal with farmers directly and only the best growers and shippers worldwide. Rest assured your produce will be the freshest and best quality available, delivered to your door four star fresh.
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Peas snow leaves
Peas sugar snap
Pepper ajicito lb.
Pepper anaheim
Pepper cherry bomb
Pepper cubanelle
Pepper domestic yellow
Pepper dry ancho 1lb
Pepper dry chipotle 1lb
Pepper green large
Pepper green medium
Pepper green sliced 2/ 3 lbs
Pepper green xlg/jumbo
Pepper habanero
Pepper italian long hot
Pepper jalapeno
Pepper jalapeno 40lb
Pepper jalapeno red
Pepper large yellow
Pepper mini holland red
Pepper mini holland yellow
Pepper orange holland
Pepper pablano
Pepper red domestic
Pepper red fresno 3 kilo
Pepper red holland
Pepper red hot holland lbs
Pepper red large
Pepper red sliced 2/ 3 lbs
Pepper scotch bonnet
Pepper serrano
Pepper shishito 10lb
Pepper suntan
Pepper thai chili lbs
Pepper veggie sweet mixed
Pepper veggie sweet red
Pepper veggie sweet yellow
Pepper yellow holland
Petite pois
Potato #1 yam
Potato #2 idaho
Potato 100 gpod
Potato 100 idaho
Potato 100 russet
Potato 120 gpod
Potato 120 idaho
Potato 120 russet
Potato 40 gpod
We supply top gourmet restaurants around the world with the freshest produce
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