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We deal with farmers directly and only the best growers and shippers worldwide. Rest assured your produce will be the freshest and best quality available, delivered to your door four star fresh.
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Potato 40 idaho
Potato 50 gpod
Potato 50 idaho
Potato 60 gpod
Potato 60 idaho
Potato 60 russet
Potato 70 gpod
Potato 70 idaho
Potato 80 gpod
Potato 80 idaho
Potato 90 gpod
Potato 90 idaho
Potato boniato/batata
Potato chef
Potato eastern cello
Potato fingerlings marble mixed 5lb
Potato fingerlings purple lbs
Potato fingerlings russian 50lb
Potato fingerlings russian lbs
Potato kennebeck 50lb
Potato lb
Potato marble purple lbs
Potato marble yukon lbs
Potato okinawa sweets
Potato peanut fingerlings purple 5lb
Potato peanut fingerlings russian lbs
Potato peel idaho / plastic pail - 20 lbs
Potato purple a
Potato purple c
Potato red b
Potato red bliss a
Potato red creamer
Potato salad 10lb tub
Potato salad 30# tub
Potato white b
Potato white creamer
Potato white sweet case 20lb
Potato yams jumbo
Potato yukon chef
Potato yukon gold a size
Potato yukon gold b
Potato yukon gold c
Puntarella lbs
Purslane lbs
Radicchio tardivo
Radicchio trevisano
We supply top gourmet restaurants around the world with the freshest produce
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