Our Produce

We deal with farmers directly and only the best growers and shippers worldwide. Rest assured your produce will be the freshest and best quality available, delivered to your door four star fresh.
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Apples crispin apples
Apples fuji
Apples golden delicious
Apples golden delicious 100ct
Apples granny smith
Apples granny smith 100ct
Apples jonagold 80ct
Apples lady
Apples macintosh 100ct
Apples macintosh 140ct
Apples macintosh 80ct
Apples red delicious
Apples red delicious 100ct
Apples red delicious 125ct
Apples red delicious 72ct
Apples rome 56ct
Apples rome 64ct
Apples royal gala
Avocado 36/40ct
Avocadoes #2
Avocadoes 60ct
Avocadoes hass firm
Avocadoes hass ripe
Bananas #3 green
Bananas #4 on turn
Bananas #5 green tips
Bananas baby / nino
Bananas petite
Bananas plantain green
Bananas plantain yellow
Berries blackberries
Berries blueberries full pint
Berries cape gooseberries
Berries fresh huckleberry lbs
Berries fresh red currants
Berries raspberries
Berries raspberries driscoll
Berries raspberries local
Berries stemberries
Berries strawberries driscoll
Berries strawberries florida
Cherries local 18lb
Cherries rainier / white
We supply top gourmet restaurants around the world with the freshest produce
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