Specialty Lists

Check out our exclusive specialty items available from niche farmers all around the world. Some of these items are VERY scarce and only available for a few weeks per year. Updated frequently.
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Apples cider
Apples crab apples
Apples fuji
Apples gold bud sun fuji
Apples gold bud sun fuji
Apples gravenstein
Apples johathan
Apples lady apples
Apples mac local
Apples native heirloom apples
Apples pears
Apples ri greening
Artichokes baby
Artichokes jerusalem
Artichokes red thornless
Arugula wild
Asian greens mixed
Asparagus white
Avacado coctail
Baby leeks
Bannas baby
Bannas burro
Bannas mazano
Bannas plantains
Beans black eye
Beans blue lake
Beans chinese long
Beans dragon tongue
Beans fava
Beans haricot juane
Beans haricot vert
Beans lima
Beans purple wax
Beans ramano gold
Beans ramano green
Beans shelling
Beans yellow wax
Beet greens
Beets cany cane baby
Beets golden
Beets large gold
Beets red baby
Our specialty produce lists feature hard to find seasonal fruits and vegetables
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