Specialty Lists

Check out our exclusive specialty items available from niche farmers all around the world. Some of these items are VERY scarce and only available for a few weeks per year. Updated frequently.
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Eggplant chinese
Eggplant italian
Eggplant japanese
Eggplant thai
Endive red
Figs black
Figs dry
Figs turkey brown
Flowers alyssum
Flowers begonia
Flowers bogonia
Flowers calendula
Flowers dianthus
Flowers flowering rosemary
Flowers johnny jump-up
Flowers lavender wands
Flowers nasturtium
Flowers orchids
Flowers pansy
Flowers primrose
Flowers primrose
Flowers rose sweethheart
Flowers snap dragon
Flowers viola
Grapes black
Grapes cabernet
Grapes champagne
Grapes chardonnay
Grapes colombard
Grapes concord
Grapes flame
Grapes merlot
Grapes pinot
Grapes symphony
Grapes thompson
Grapes zinfandel
Green perella
Herb basil opal
Herb bay leaves
Herb chervil
Herb chives
Herb cilantro
Our specialty produce lists feature hard to find seasonal fruits and vegetables
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