Specialty Lists

Check out our exclusive specialty items available from niche farmers all around the world. Some of these items are VERY scarce and only available for a few weeks per year. Updated frequently.
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Eggplant thai
Eggplant white
Figs black
Figs leaves
Figs white
Flowers begonia
Flowers borage
Flowers calendula
Flowers chives blossom
Flowers confetti blossom
Flowers dianthus
Flowers fuscilla
Flowers marigold tangerine
Flowers nasturtium
Flowers orichids
Flowers pansy
Flowers primrose
Flowers rose sweetheart
Flowers snap dragon
Flowers tulip
Garlic scapes
Grapes black
Grapes champange
Grapes flame
Grapes muscat
Grapes perlette
Hearts of palm
Herb african blue basil
Herb basil
Herb bay leaf
Herb chervil
Herb chives
Herb cilantro
Herb curry leaf
Herb dill
Herb epozote
Herb flowering herb mix
Herb garlic chives
Herb hoia santa
Herb hyssop
Herb kaffir lime leaves
Herb lavender
Our specialty produce lists feature hard to find seasonal fruits and vegetables
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