Specialty Lists

Check out our exclusive specialty items available from niche farmers all around the world. Some of these items are VERY scarce and only available for a few weeks per year. Updated frequently.
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Micro arugula
Micro asian blend
Micro bulls blood
Micro celery
Micro chervil
Micro china rose radishl
Micro chives
Micro cilantro
Micro fennel
Micro green basil
Micro magenta
Micro mint
Micro mixed basil
Micro mizuna
Micro popcorn shoots
Micro purple basil
Micro purple kohlrabi
Micro rainbow
Micro rainbow chard
Micro red cabbage
Micro red kale
Micro red orach
Micro red shiso
Micro sage
Micro summer blend
Micro wasabi
Micro yellow pea leaf
Mushrooms bears head
Mushrooms black oyster
Mushrooms blue foot
Mushrooms chanterelles
Mushrooms cinnamon cap
Mushrooms crimini
Mushrooms enoki
Mushrooms hen of the woods
Mushrooms king oyster
Mushrooms morels
Mushrooms mousserone
Mushrooms oyster
Mushrooms porcini
Mushrooms portobello
Mushrooms puff balls
Mushrooms shitake
Mushrooms white trumpets
Mushrooms woodear
Mushrooms yellow oyster
Mustard baby red
Our specialty produce lists feature hard to find seasonal fruits and vegetables
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