Specialty Lists

Check out our exclusive specialty items available from niche farmers all around the world. Some of these items are VERY scarce and only available for a few weeks per year. Updated frequently.
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Peppers italian hot
Peppers jalapeno green
Peppers jalapeno red
Peppers japanese
Peppers negro peppers
Peppers new mexico
Peppers pasilla green
Peppers scotch bonnet
Peppers serrano green
Peppers serrano red
Peppers string
Peppers tepin
Peppers thai chili red
Peppers wreath
Peppers yellow hot
Peppers yellow wax
Persimmons fuyu
Pineapples, baby
Potato banana
Potato blue martin
Potato french fingerling
Potato japanese sweet
Potato ozette fingerling
Potato purple creamer
Potato purple fingerling
Potato purple size a
Potato purple size b
Potato red creamer
Potato ruby crescent
Potato sweet garnet
Potato sweets jewel
Potato white creamer
Potato yellow finn a
Potato yellow finn b
Potato yellow finn c
Potato yukon gold a
Potato yukon gold b
Potato yukon gold c
Potatoes red
Potatoes russet
Potatoes white
Raddichio trevisano
Radicchio castelfranco
Radicchio tardivo
Our specialty produce lists feature hard to find seasonal fruits and vegetables
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